Mar 04

Some feedback needed

Hi there Since the very start of this blog, I have some doubts about posting photos of celebrities belly buttons. Surely they can be found over the whole internet, but still may be it would be nice to have them right besides of the "next door girl"'s b-buttons ? I need your opinion.
Yes, it\\\'s ok to post celebs navel here
329 Vote
No, unknown and never seen before navels are quite enough.
138 Vote

Oct 08

Navel acupressure closeups !

See the announced acupressured navel in HQ !

Tender and warm belly button base is touched by a cold brass stick!

See all details and enjoy ;)


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Oct 06

Belly button acupressure massage

As the development of the topic of massage, this is the announce of my new photo set of sexy girl’s belly button in action.

Enjoy and comment ;)



High resolution pictures of her beautiful navel will be in the next post in a couple of days

Come back ;)

Oct 05

Belly button massage: how to.

I guess everyone of you, looking this post, is aware that belly button needs some massage.

Girls often ask me, how should they do it.

As a responsive tutor, I’m always glad to give some practical advices about how to massage their navels if I’m not right about.

By the way, if any girl want to have a navel massage, please send me a note ;)

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Sep 30

Indian brilliant outie navel | Rakul Preet Singh

It’s so rare to see flat abs indian actress.

It’s even more rare to see indian actress with an inviting outie navel, that just craves to be kissed.

I just cant miss such beauty  – Rakul Preet Singh.



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Sep 24

What is better: slim belly button or fit belly button ?

I guess i  will never resolve this dilemma

But i still hope, that you can help me with it.


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Sep 17

Summer, don’t leave , please !

Why summer is better that fall?

I guess it’s quite obvious.

Summer time gives you much more chances for visual touch of such a beautiful things like belly buttons.

I try to prolong it little bit. Don’t you think it’s a kind of magic ?


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Aug 16

Belly button star

What can be better than contemplating the stars?

Only contemplating the belly button stars!

Just look closer and you will see this shining 7-rays wonder in the depth of this beautiful navel.

Just to help you find it I’ve pinned its center a little bit ;)


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Jun 21

Really cozy, warm belly button

Even after several years, these photos bring me a feeling of warmth and tranquility.

I guess this is one of the perfect stars in navel constellation to contemplate.



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Jun 13

Pretty forced outie

The belly button is very a special body part. So special, that some want to show it even if it is usually hidden within it’s belly depository.

The creator showed us the way how to make it – pulling it out !

Enjoy that cutie girl tummy treasure !


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Jun 02

A special place to push needle in.

I don’t have any idea why it’s so exciting to insert needle into belly button.

That’s just as is. This cute navel knot was really soft to push the sharp needle thru.

Look at the pics, enjoy, and support the blog, donate if u can hand it ;)


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